Ways to Save £££

The big list of savers

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Big Money Savers

1. More than Halls

The biggest expense during your student career will be rent. No matter if halls or renting a flat, you will be paying a lot of your hard earned maintenance loan away. So make sure you are finding the cheapest options possible! Check spareroom, right move and other housing sites to find the best deal possible!

Even get creative with your living situations. There’s more to housing than an actual houses now a days. See what you can find.

2. Student funding

Check if you are eligible for grants, bursaries, scholarships or even DSA (disabled students allowance). This won’t take much of your time but if you do qualify, you could be expecting a large help to your bank account.

3. Stop the drugs

Smoking, Alcohol, or even actual Drugs, STOP! There not good for you at all firstly and secondly how much do you spend on them?

Cigarettes and alcohol consume a large amount of your bank account and the addiction slowly starts to build meaning you are not helping your funds out at all. Make sure you are aware how much you are actually spending and not just start tapping your contactless everywhere.

Mid Money Savers

4. Phone Insurance

Too often students break their phone from being a bit to careless. Are you a bit careless or clumsy? Maybe pay extra to get that phone insurance.

It’s not worth paying £600 every month for a new iPhone because you accidentally dropped your phone. Get insurance and you breathe a bit easier on those wild nights out.

Don’t however, get insurance with your phone bundle package. Look around for cheaper insurance elsewhere.

5. Gym

Finals are around the corner but so is summer. Time to start pumping out some good weights. However, paying ridiculously high prices for a gym, that you might not use that often either, is a bit of waste.

Try your university gym, it might be smaller but it will also be cheaper. Another idea to save you in the long run, buy your own gear. If you spend 3 months or so worth of gym fees upfront on equipment you will save every month thereafter. Who knows, maybe you can set up your own gym out of your room and get people to pay you.

6. Travel

Travel on the tube or bus can be a very high fine to pay. Even though many cities give students subsidised travel, it’s still a right hook to your funds. Try pay the higher upfront monthly, annual costs if possible. If you travel a lot, you have the benefit of not worrying about getting tickets or topping up credit every time and also you could save a large portion of money.

7. Holiday flights

This can save you a great amount of your holiday if the homework is done! Check for the cheapest flights and make sure you check how much the extras cost, baggage, reserving a seat and other add-ons. Never go with the first deal, check around.

Some good sites to check are, Low cost holidays , Lastminute.com and Sky Scanner.

8. Leaving bribe

If your contract is ending on any of your bills or utilities tell them that you’re thinking of leaving. The idea is that you want them to think you’re a valued customer, ‘who wants to stay with them, but can’t afford your current contract.’ This is  a bit sneaky, but you could save on your monthly instalments.

If they’re not budging you can say another company is offering a lower price, say ‘You really want to stay with your current supplier!’ The chance that they will help you out with a little reduction is likely.

9. Know your discounts

As a student you have multiple discount super powers, so use them. Many stores give discounts or have offers directed at students and it can be very helpful to pick up those discounted items. So make sure you know what stores offer discounts…..or just flash your student card everywhere.

10. Skim off the top

This is a very good and healthy saving tip. Whatever income that you gain, you should skim a percentage off of it. Take 10% or 20% or whatever you feel comfortable with and put those straight into your savings before you spend the rest on one night out.

11. More than a student loan

You could do absolutely anything with your student loan. Buy the new iPhone, party like you never have before or invest some of that into a high interest savings account or ISA to set you up for your not so far future.

12. Railcard @ Santander

If you travel a lot up and down the country, back home, to your friends, for work, possibly sign up for a student account with Santander. With a student account at Santander you get a free railcard that gives you discounted tickets on all rail fares.

If they are not the best bank in your mind, then don’t make them your primary bank. Just have enough funds in the account to open it and you can always use another bank as your main account.

13. Amazon prime

Free postage, next day delivery, 2 hour delivery (depending on where you live), free amazon music, amazon videos and you get a student reduced price? Sign me up!!

If you are the type to buy loads of gadgets, game, presents, products and so on online, definitely think about signing up to amazon prime as it can really save you some money while giving you a great service.

14. Tax back

Most students don’t realise that they have overpaid tax or that they have paid taxed at all. As a student and most likely not a full time worker, you won’t meet the threshold for tax. However quite often, the tax-man predicts that you may meet the threshold and tax you for it. Always check your paychecks to see if you have been taxed and are owed money back! There is a big chance you may of.

15. Best before Vs. Use by

Shops are required to show you the best before date so that you know when food will go off. However there is a difference between the stated Best Before and Use By dates. The best before is the stated date that allows shopper to have optimum quality of their food. Used by is the actual date that food expires. So don’t be afraid to keep that milk for another day or two.

Do always check and smell if it does seem that it has gone off however.

16. Amazon Warehouse

Amazon warehouse is the secret amazon website that houses many products for a smaller price. What is on the website varies however. This website is made up of items and products that have been returned to Amazon by customers and then checked by Amazon to make sure they are in great condition still. Everything is 100% working and you can get your money back if they are not. Always check this out before you buy something off Amazon itself as you may just score a great deal.

17. Store close buys

When supermarkets are closing for the day they tend to have many shelves, especially at the front door, with reduced items that are reaching there best before date (not to be confused with the use by date). You could grab some small goods for half the price and really cut your shopping cart down.

18. Mysupermarket.co.uk

Mysupermarket.co.uk is a website that is independent from supermarket brands and chains. They are a money comparison site that could save you up to 30% off your shop by finding you better alternatives on your basket. Check them out for a possible cheaper deal.

19. Ebay outlets

Ebay outlets could save you 1/3 off your highstreet brands. These items on the site are end of line, returned or ex-display items. They are all checked to make sure that they are in great condition before they sell them on but you could save a good price off your next highstreet shop here.

20. Don’t pay for software

Before you go buy microsoft office, photoshop or another main end software, check out these free alternatives.

  • Photoshop
    • Gimpshop
  • Microsoft Office
    • Libre Office
  • Cloud Storage
    • Dropbox

21. Loyalty points

Get into the free loyalty scheme with many brands. Tecso club card, nectar points or even a cheeky Nandos card. You may have to pay to build up the points, but if this is a place you visit often, you might as well build up the points to get your 5th meal free.

22. Furnish freebies

Don’t just go for a furnished flat because it’s easier. You could get an un-furnished flat and snag a bunch of amazingly low or free furniture items on sites such as Gumtree freebies, Freecycle.org or even donations from your parents.

23. Freeze your groceries

How much food do you waste on average just by throwing it away? There are so many products you can freeze to give them an extra boost to their lifespan. So if you have enough space, freeze what you can!

Did you know you could freeze win?

24. Down brand

Cut down on your high end brand names and get to the basics. Do you really want to be spending all that money on those high end clothes when your fridge is empty? There are many cheaper options to all products and items. Try them out and you might be quite surprised.

Small Money Savers

25. Round Up spending

Some banks and even loads of phone apps now a days offer rounding up services. Whenever you pay with your card, your bank or app will round up your spending to the next nearest pound £. Whatever the difference between your items purchasing price and the next nearest £ will be put it a savings or separate account. This isn’t the big money saver option, but if you use your card 4 or 5 times a day you might be able to make a £1 or £2 a day. Times that by a week, a month, the year….you could have a great amount saved up right there.

26. Rail delay

If you are delayed more than 30 minutes on a rail line or 15 minutes on the tube, you can claim compensation. If you have a return ticket and been delayed on both journeys, then you could claim back your whole trip.

Make sure you do keep any tickets or receipts for reference.

27. Part time post man

If you are about to head out to go to a different location, why not make a small detour and make some money. There are loads of people who want packages delivered for them and will pay you for it. Sites such as nimber.com pay people to post other people’s packages. Just check if there’s a package that needs to go the same way as you and then you might have some spending money for the day.

28. Serve legal

Work with a company who will pay you to buy alcohol. If it only it was that simple.

There are companies and agencies who check that store owners are adhering to the law and serving only those that are over 18 and that are checking ID’s under the age of 25. It’s illegal to sell someone underage alcohol after all. You just have to go and purchase a product, which you will be given money for, and see how the clerk responds. You just report back to the company and that’s you days work done.

29. Use our Uber code

Uber is a great and cheap way to get around, especially after those nights out. To cut the costs down even more look for the Uber codes for discounts.

Use our Uber code ‘STUDENTPANDA‘ if you are a first time user and get up to £15 off your first ride. Just remember to enter the code before you request your ride.

30. Money for hair

Next time you go get a haircut, make sure you don’t waste that small pot of gold. There are sites that will pay you for your hair. There are terms to what these companies will buy however, mostly regarding the length.

Make sure you check before you go for a trim, instead of wasting a good opportunity.

31. ATM Saver

Don’t pay the ATM charges. If you need cash and the only ATM around charges you to take money out…it’s not worth it. Ask a friend to borrow some cash or there’s a good chance that you can just use your card to pay.

If the ATM charges you £2.50 to take out money, this is what you are actually doing:

  • £40 withdrawal
    • 6.25% charge
  • £20 withdrawal
    • 12.5% charge
  • £10 withdrawal
    • 25% charge

32.  Flash mob – Sales

As much as everyone hates spam or constant emails from companies, it’s worth signing up to some companies you’re interested in as they quite often can have flash sales or sales in general through their newsletter.

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There are many ways to save money, the key is to try to see how you can start with your everyday life. What do you buy, use or do? Can you make these activities cheaper by using our tips above or other methods?

What ways do you save money? Comment below and let us know.

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Ways to Save £££

Big Money Savers 1. More than Halls The biggest expense during your student career will be rent....
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