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There's loads of ways you can make some extra £££

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There are many ways to make some extra £££, some easier than others but at the end of the day you are regaining some funds. What will make you get the higher end of the income will be experimenting and gaining experience in that particular category.

We have listed some of the easiest ways to make money and a good amount of them don’t require to much hassle either..

Money Maker Ideas

1. Surverys

Online survey sites are slowly being used more often in recent times and there are many good reasons for you to join in. There are many websites around that you can sign up to and all you need to do is finish some surveys from the comfort of your own home.

The amount you make is all dependent on what site you use and what surveys you finish. Check what the sites actually give out as some may give vouchers or rewards instead of cash.

For a full guide of survey sites and some good survey websites we recommend, click here.

2. Start a website

Start a website or a blog and reap in the rewards of advertisement. Websites are a great way to generate money and once they are set up and running, there’s not as much work needed other than making sure you are active with your forums or posts.

To actually make money through a website you can either get paid for advertising or you could sell some of your own products. Actually setting up a website doesn’t take long at all, making your website pretty is another question.

To find out how to set up a website check our guide to Making £££ From a Website.

3. Delivery Roo

Have a bike or another vehicle? Why don’t you become a delivery runner and get people their hot takeouts. All you need is a vehicle and a smartphone to get around and see what orders need delivering.

While deliveryroo is a great option to go for that always advertises for new runners there are many other options such as checking individual takeout companies.

4. Extras

Get paid to be an extra in a blockbuster movie or even an episode of your favourite TV series. Are you an aspiring actor or actress or even already been featured in music videos like our actress Natasha? Then being an extra is a great way to advertise your skills.

Sign up to starnow and choose yourself how much you want to be paid.

5. Recycle your old phones

About to upgrade or have an old phone lying around the house? Make sure you sell it off instead of rotting away at the bottom of your draw.

This might not make you as much money as you would hope but its worth keeping your house clutter free, while earning money for it. Your junk can be someone else’s gem.

6. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a product based idea that can generate you a lot of money by not doing much but can be hard to get into properly.

The actual method is based off the idea of selling products that you do not stock yourself but other retailers stock. You find a product to sell from a website, brand, buisness and so on and then advertise to sell it but at a higher price. The best part of this method is that you do not have to handle any postage and packaging as you can order the product directly from this third party directly to the customers address. You don’t have to fuss about how to wrap up that product and walking to the post office.

The hardest part of this method is trying to advertise the products you are trying to sell on. Even with the help of social media, some people may look around at the bigger retailer names and see that they can get a cheaper price. This is not a perfect model money making scheme and the larger you grow this, the more issues you will find. However, this is a great way to make a small side income.

7. Disney’s Vault

Ever heard of the term ‘Disney’s Vault’ before? If you haven’t don’t worry not many people have but it is a great way for people to make money. The term refers to Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment policy on home video releases of Disney animation movies. In a quick sum up, Disney, to keep interest and demand high, only release a limited amount of copies of any movie and after lock them up in ‘Disney’s Vault.’ The movie is then locked away for several years before it is then released again for another limited amount of time.

So you have probably already figured out the money making scheme here. Buy the movies on blu-ray during their retail period and then when Disney lock them up, SELL SELL SELL!

Here are some films considered part of the Vault:

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Pinocchio
  • Dumbo
  • Bambi
  • Cinderella
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Aladdin
  • The Lion King

8. Tax back

As a student you are most likely going to be working part time and not earning over the threshold of your personal allowance. However due to how the payment system works you maybe put on a different tax code and have to pay tax (even though are not earning enough.)

Always check your paychecks to see if you have been taxed and are owed money back! There is a big chance you may be owed tax back.

If you have left your job you need to get a P45 form from your previous employer. They have to provide you with one by law. After this you will need to download a P50 form which can found on the HMRC website. You need to send off your P50 and attach a copy of the P45 from your previous employer.

If you are still working then all you need to do is call HMRC and explain whats up.

9. Part time job

This one goes without saying, but one of the best ways to make a stable income is to have a part time job. A bar or pub job might give you the flexibility you need with the roller coaster that is your uni course.

There will always be a set pay that is in relation to how many hours you work. If you work at a bar, pub or club, you get to make a little extra from tips, which is a nice little bonus on top of your regular pay. Note that tips are counted as an income and income tax will apply to this.

10. User tester for websites or apps

There are many sites out there that want to be reviewed for navigation, information clarity, design and also their content and they will pay you to do so. The best part is that you can do this straight from home. Easy.

You will need some equipment and skills however. You will need to be an internet wizz and speak fluent English firstly. As for equipment you will need a laptop, microphone, sometimes a camera or webcam and of course internet connection. Some sites will ask you to submit a trial run of reviewing a site to see if you are up to the test of being a paid reviewer.

Some great sites we like are User Testing (typically earn £10 in 20minutes) & Enroll  (we earned 20p in 2minutes).

11. Copy trading

Want to get into investing and stepping up your financial game but don’t know how or have the time? Get into copy trading and copy people who invest and trade as an actual day job. There are a few good copy trading sites out there but I personally prefer etoro.com. There are millions of people on this site to copy from and also if you still aren’t so confident to get into investing and potentially lose your funds, you can set up a demo/ dummy account and spend virtual money and see how you fare, before actually committing your hard earned cash.

Some key tips to copy trading:

  • Not many will make money on a weekly basis so look for those that are doing over a longer time period.
  • Don’t just follow someone who has many followers blindly.
  • Make sure you copy someone who has been apart of etoro for a good amount of months and not weeks.
  • Copy someone who is active and communicates with people so if you have a question they will help.
  • Have low drawdowns – how much they have lost of a set time. Try look for those under 7%.

If you want to learn more about copy trading, check out our post here.

12. Affiliate programme

If you have a following of any kind are have ton’s of friends, sign up to and affiliate program and make money by promoting products, companies or services.

Try AWIN an affiliate programme that has become a joint effort between two leading affiliate programmes (Zanox & Affiliate Windows). Just sign up, grab an affiliate link and put it on your social media or website and every time someone uses it, you could make a good little sum that could add up to be a full on business.

13. Get the limited editions

There are always limited edition trainers, games, clothes and products that being released and there are thousands of people who want them. Why don’t you become one of those people who try’s to grab the latest sneaks at whatever ridiculous price it may seem.

Once and if you can get your hands on those limited editions, don’t touch them, breathe on them or even look at them. Put them online and spike up the price. Many people will want to buy them if they missed out on the chance during the actual sale of them. You could make over £100 from what you bought them for, depending on what the item is.

14. Release the creativity

Have you got a graphics or creative side to you? Why don’t you try working for yourself and designing templates for CV’s, business cards & possibly even event decorations.

Advertise for free on social media to let people know what you have to offer, just remember to add your own water mark to templates so no one can steal them or try to re-use them.

If you want to expand the amount of viewers you get, sign up to sites such as Etsy and sell your unique goods with maximum exposure.

15. Clickworker.com

Clickworker is a great site to make money from the comfort of your own couch or even your bed, if you can’t be bothered to get up. The idea is that you do tasks for other people and get paid for it.

Tasks can include data entry or filing mostly and a big plus side is that you are rewarded in cash via Paypal.

16. Sell your story/ video

Have a good story or even a picture to go with it? (A picture is worth a 1000 words! Sadly not £1000). Sell it to the papers and you could earn a great little bonus to give you a smile.

The best thing is that it can really be anything of interest, from a scandal with a star to that one very embarrassing drunken story you have. If you have a picture or even better, a video to go with it you could really be bringing in the dough tonight. (If a picture is a 1000words, what is a video?)

17. Post code lottery

This is a great way to potentially make money and all you have to do is sign up to a postcode lottery. Just enter your details and of course your postcode and that’s it. Now just check back daily by clicking on the links in the email or through the website to see if you won anything. This is a great and free way to win and make a good amount of cash.

To increase your chances of winning, get other members of your family or friends in your area to sign up with the same postcode (hopefully they all live in the same one as you). The more your postcode is registered on the site, the more chances of that postcode appearing in the winning category.

18. Matched Betting

Gambling is greatly a big game of luck and if you are not an experienced player you could be loosing more than you make, even if it is satisfying when you win. To take luck out the game and to start making some profit on a regular basis off bets, there is such a thing called Matched Betting. This is a great way to make legal land tax free money with no need for luck and no risk.

It works on using free bets given on sign up or as offers from betting sites and betting the for and against sides of the bet, to eliminate the risks.

19. Free competitions

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of competitions around these days and many of them are free. Many of these competitions just require filing out a simple form with your email to liking a social media page. For minimal effort and no fee, the question is why are you not taking part in these free competitions? To check out some free competitions, check out our competitions here.

20. Mystery shopper

Well what is this first….. A mystery shopper is a person that is hired by a research company, watchdog organisation or by companies internally themselves to measure and check quality of service, level of compliance with the law and regulation or review certain products.

As the name suggests the store or workers will not know who you are and you are there to observe and review a certain criteria. Unfortunately there has been a lot of scamming in this industry and it can get annoying. However one easy tip will set aside the scams from the actual companies, don’t pay to become a mystery shopper, pay to see job listings or pay for any upfront costs.

These days you may not be paid in cash and rather with vouchers at the store you visit. This may not earn you extra funds but it could possibly make you save some money on your next purchase.

21. Social media fame

There are many people that come up with interesting videos to vlog/ narrate/ prank/ advertise and so on about. If you think you have your own style that can gain other peoples interest start your own social media empire.

On YouTube you can make money through advertisements or otherwise known enabling your channel for monetization. How much can you really make? Well its all dependent on how many of the views you get to click on the advertisements shown or to watch the whole advertisement instead of skipping. A myth among YouTube is that more subscribers means more money. Well in fact you don’t get paid for how many subscribers you have, however the more subscribers you have will mean most likely more views.

22. Rent your car park space

Does your house, flat or halls come with a car parking space? If you are not using it, why not rent it out to someone else who needs a car parking space. There are many city workers who would love a confirmed car parking space instead of driving around and rushing to find a free spot.

23. Dog walker

Why not become a dog walker and get paid to take some amazingly adorable dogs out and about. Scientists have proven that having a dog next to you makes you 10x hotter than without a dog (okay we made that up, but its basically true right?).

Join Tailster.com and become a dog walker that earns around £10 per dog per hour. This is not a set rate either, you can earn much more than this if you get lucky. Sometimes you don’ t even have to take the dog for a walk but just be its sitter for a hour. Basically sit and watch Netflix, but get paid.

24. Sitter

If you can’t stand babies, then try sitting a house, if you can’t stand houses, then sit a pet. There are many roles for a sitter to do but baby sitter, house sitter and pet sitter are the main ones that go around.

Advertise yourself on gumtree, social media or even make flyers and pin them up.

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4. If you have a talent, hobby or interest you can sell your services to make money.

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