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there's many ways you can make money at uni

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If you’re a bit low on money while in university, and don’t have the time or can’t commit to a part time job, there are still loads of other ways to make some spare cash. Check out our tips below for some ideas of how to make some more money.

Money Making Ideas

1. Online seller

There are many online marketplaces to sell your unwanted clutter to give you some extra spending money. EBay, Amazon are great places to sell to a large market, but of course they charge a fee. You will also have to factor in costs of postage and delivery. If you’re advertising a business on Gumtree, then there is a fee, but if you’re just selling the odd item, there’s no need to worry about fees. Do be careful when posting items to the buyer without receiving a payment first, it may be best to stick to selling to people within your area when using Gumtree.

Remember your junk could be someone else’s precious gem.

To learn how to become an online seller check out our post here.

2. Etsy

Do you have a creative side? A passion for design? Or the ability to turn a quick doodle into a marvellous piece of art? Why not give Etsy a go? This is a worldwide site for people to buy or sell unique goods. 

If you think you could design anything from as simple as a cool calendar for the New Year, to a very mysterious abstract oil canvas, make sure you set up shop here.

Another great site that is similar to Etsy is However, this is a UK based site, which means post and packaging is cheap, but unfortunately you cannot sell abroad.

3. Blog website

Have you got a particular interest, the ability to write, or have an unusual topic to discuss? Start posting these on a blog to start generating an income. Your blog may also be a good home for advertisements, which can earn you more money. The more people you can refer to the advertised product or service on your blog the more income you will make. Do be aware, that this is a slow process at first, but if you keep at it and start to make relationship with other businesses and services you could get paid to advertise for them.

To find out how to make your own blog site, check out our post here.

4. Youtube

There are many people that post interesting videos to vlog, narrate, prank, and advertise and so on. If you think you have your own style that can gain other people’s attention, start your own vlog!

On YouTube, your videos can make you money through advertisements. How much can I make? Well, it all depends on how many views your video gets. Once you earn enough views to have adverts put on your video, you will get paid every time someone clicks or watches the whole ad. A myth among YouTube is that the more subscribers you have, the more you get paid. False, you don’t get paid for how many subscribers you have. However, the more subscribers you have the more likely your video will gain a lot of views.

5. Airbnb

Do you have an extra room? Or are you going away for a while? Why not turn your home into an Airbnb? Rent your room out to visitors or holiday makers visiting your city to make some extra money! Go to to find out home much your home can make. You can decide on the house rules, the dates to rent your property out, the price and the guest who stays there. With Airbnb’s host protection insurance, you can rest assured that any damages caused by the guest are covered.

If you’re renting, you will need to check your contract, or check with your agent or landlord to see if you are allowed to do this.

6. I will queue for you

Sign up to a queuing site or app and get paid to wait for someone’s place in line. Just download a movie or 2 and the time will fly by while you make money. WeQ4U is an app for android/iPhone that does exactly this. So if you have some time and access to Netflix’s offline service, go make some easy money.

7. Get paid to design CV’s

Have skills with Photoshop or have a creative side? There are 100’s if not 1000’s of people that what that one CV that is different from the rest. You could make a very good sum for spending one evening drafting up some CV ideas. The creative money doesn’t stop there. Try make business cards as well.

8. Tutor/ teach

While at university you have a great resource at hand that you may not even of thought about….access to other students. If you are in your 2nd, 3rd year or even in a masters course, why not tutor other students in the previous years what you have already learnt. Maybe there is a software that you excelled at or maybe you were the Master of part of your course and could get paid for teaching other students.

Advertise with flyers or on your university social media page for free advertisement. If you are daring, talk to your course leader to even get paid by the university to teach groups.

Tutoring doesn’t have to be done purely on what you learnt in your course, can you play the guitar, speak a foreign language or have any other desirable skills on the side that others may want to learn? Advertise your services to make some money.

10. Collect or wait for deliveries

If your home for the day, why not use Taskrabbit and wait for someone else’s delivery that needs to be signed for. Or if you are heading to another area why not use Nimber and become a postman for the day and deliver someone else’s package.There both great and easy ways to make money especially if you intended to stay home or head to that area initially.

11. Newsletter for students or local area

Start a newsletter for your university as a paper copy or even electronic with some student news or news related to your university. Tell local businesses or organisations about the newsletter and see if any will pay you for advertisement space.

13. Body advertisment

A big trend that has picked up over the last few years is using your body as advertisement space. We don’t mean getting any permanent tattoos but more like a week walking through campus with a big pizza sign stuck to your head.

Go talk to businesses yourself and tell them your idea to advertise on your face, arms, back, wherever you may like and see if they are interested. Get a few of your friends to help or work for you and maybe even have a small group of advertisers working for you. This might also seem more appealing to companies as they will have more people to advertise for them.

14. Sell your Insta worthy pictures

Are you the type to snap anything that looks cool or pretty, from the nice scenery to that great party, well there’s a way you can make money as well. There are many places online that you can sell your photos to make a one off payment or stay the copyright owner and earn small amounts every time someone uses your image. iStock and Shutterstock are 2 of the big names out there in selling your images or making them available as stock photos.

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What ways do you make money other than a job? Comment below to let us know.


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