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Other Financing Options

Student Finance, even though it may not seem it, later on it will be a big help towards funding yourself through university and keeping you afloat. So its no wonder that 93% of students said that they used student finance in our 2017 Student Survey.

Ways to Make £££

There are many ways to make some extra £££, some easier than others but at the end of the day you are regaining some funds. What will make you get the higher end of the income will be experimenting and gaining experience in that particular category. We have listed...

Start Your Own Buisness

If you’re a bit low on money while in university, and don’t have the time or can’t commit to a part time job, there are still loads of other ways to make some spare cash. Check out our tips below for some ideas of how to make some more money.

The Ebay Master

eBay is a great tool to free your house up of all those useless items you don’t need at all. Oh and you can make some money as well. So all in all, it’s pretty worth one evening of writing descriptions and taking pictures.

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