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Last Day Revision Tips

It’s the last leg of the race and there is still some preparation needed to bring home that first class. As crazy as the next 24 hours are going to be, remember not to stress yourself out. Make sure you prepare yourself to max out on that last minute prep, and get your head in the game. We’ve got your back with some tips you should know before tackling that last bit of cramming.

Dealing With Exam Stress

End of year exams are make or break for your final marks. Stress levels are high and all distractions need to be shut out whilst you prepare. Well, this is the myth we keep telling ourselves to push ourselves through, but let’s take a step back to asses it all.

Dealing With Procrastination

Staying engaged through a lecture or concentrating on writing an essay will be a steep challenge, and let’s face it, social media is a BIG distraction. However, overcoming this challenge is one of your roles as a student, not having the intention to do the work but rather knowing how to be productive enough to actually do the work.

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