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Quick Guide to Tax & Student £££

There is a lot of confusing terms, topics and rules out there and most importantly who is this tax-man taking my money? It was confusing to us at first as well don’t worry, but here’s a quick overview of some of the terms you’re going to be hearing from here on out.

Saving on Uni Materials

Physical textbooks, writing pads and sketchbooks seem a thing of the past, especially in the modern digital age. Everything you need can be gained for sometimes more than half the original price online, yet so many students pay away a good amount of their student loan to have these necessities.

Student Bank Accounts

Did you know that you’re really popular (with banks). They all want your pots of gold, otherwise known as a maintenance loan. After you initially set up with them, they will provide as many useful services as they can and hope that this will bring about a loyalty between the both of you that will keep you with them and you’re (hopefully) growing income.

There are loads of banks to choose from and it can all get a bit confusing but we’re here to help you with all the commotion and confusion.

Other Financing Options

Student Finance, even though it may not seem it, later on it will be a big help towards funding yourself through university and keeping you afloat. So its no wonder that 93% of students said that they used student finance in our 2017 Student Survey.


When it comes to saving, there’s thousands of millions of ways to do it and things you should learn about how to save. As much as we all want to splash out our funds on every party or event we go to, your bank account survives by those savings.

Holiday Savers

It’s time for a holiday and you need to grab the best deal you can so you can still afford to pay rent when you return home. We’ve all tried to budget on parts of our holiday to make sure we don’t over spend or so we have extra spending cash abroad, but the initial flights can be a big hindrance on that plan.

Ways to Make £££

There are many ways to make some extra £££, some easier than others but at the end of the day you are regaining some funds. What will make you get the higher end of the income will be experimenting and gaining experience in that particular category. We have listed...

Ways to Save £££

There are many ways to save but what can maximise your savings is by trying to target as many areas of your daily life to cut back on.

Start Your Own Buisness

If you’re a bit low on money while in university, and don’t have the time or can’t commit to a part time job, there are still loads of other ways to make some spare cash. Check out our tips below for some ideas of how to make some more money.

The Ebay Master

eBay is a great tool to free your house up of all those useless items you don’t need at all. Oh and you can make some money as well. So all in all, it’s pretty worth one evening of writing descriptions and taking pictures.

Tax Free ISA’s

Well firstly, what is that funny word? ISA, Individual Savings Account, is a tax-man free savings account. All income is taxed and that also includes interest on savings, however, as ISA’s are tax free you can keep all your pennies safe from the tax-man (up to £15,240).

PANDA Budgeting Guide

Most students have never budgeted before, in fact, we found that only 33% of students have used a budget plan. Make a plan before fresher’s week drains you of everything you have! Don’t know what to budget for? Don’t worry, the PANDA team have you covered! We’ve put together a list of ways we budgeted through university to help you out.

10 Common SF Questions

Student Finance is a big mystery or at least it can feel like that a lot. When you get to it, most people really wonder the same things and we’ve complied them all here for you to help you understand that much more.

What You Should Know About Debt

The first step to getting out of debt is to understand it! So in case your uni don’t have that Learning about debt 101 course, check out our helpful tips below.

Guide To Student Finance

Student Finance can be long, tiring and a confusing road, just to get to paying £9,000 a year! But we have your backs. We’ve tried to think of everything Student and everything Student Finance and we have it all here for you to take advantage of.

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