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It’s the last leg of the race and there is still some preparation needed to bring home that first class. As crazy as the next 24 hours are going to be, remember not to stress yourself out. Make sure you prepare yourself to max out on that last minute prep and get your head in the game. We’ve got your back with some tips you should know before tackling that last bit of cramming.

the full 16 step guide

1. The early start

You’ve got just over 24 hours to your next exam and you need to get ready with a bright and early start.

Don’t get up at 4am if you went sleep the previous night at midnight. As much as an early start is needed to maximise your day, your body and mind to be ready. Set yourself a sensible alarm and try reach your workstation by 8/ 9am.

2. Bring the right gear

Make sure you have filled out your backpack or suitcase with everything you might need. Think of every situation you might be in and grab all the tools to be ready.

Trust us when we say you don’t want to be spending your precious time asking around for an eraser. So make sure you don’t give yourself the opportunity to get distracted on a man hunt for a highlighter and just pack it in case.

3. Everyone to battle stations!

Your workstation is an important part of the next few hours. Its essential you find a spot that will keep you clear of indulging in chatter with friends or being distracted by other activities going on around you.

As much as the library is the go to place, it maybe packed out already and it’s probably worth finding a better, comfier and quite spot. You want to make sure you find the best environment for you.

4. Plan

Before you sit down at your station and embark on your voyage for the day, make sure you have a game plan. What do you need to learn, revise or prepare for? Do some things have a higher priority than others? How long will it take you roughly to cover each topic or point? Whens lunch? A short break after every topic? When’s bedtime?

Make sure you have a schedule ready so you know exactly when you should be doing what.

5. Be flexible

Preparing early and having a game plan ready is a great habit to get in, however, as we all have experienced at one point or another, not all things tend to go to plan. When things go astray we tend to get stressed and panic and then it can really go downhill from that point on.

So, be aware that your timetable will have to have some flexibility and also be accepting that you may not be able to do everything you wanted or needed. Make sure you get through the higher priorities and be flexible and accepting of the rest.

6. Study your lecture notes

One of the best sources of information at this point will be the notes you have already written. Studying your notes will act as a small key to unlock hidden memories of that specific lecture were as studying your textbooks may take a longer time to process that new information.

Try find and use the slides from your lectures if there were any and also definitely use past papers to get an insight of the types of questions that may be asked. Is there a pattern of what types of questions or topics come up more than others? While this could be an insight into what may come up on the exam, don’t neglect the other topics as it’s never set in stone as to what curve ball may come your way.

7. Does it actually make sense?

You’ve read your notes, lecture slides and made new notes from other sources but does it actually make sense to you? Grab a topic and start talking out loud. If you can continually talk about the information, you most likely got this topic covered. However, if you start to stutter, doubt what your saying or even don’t properly understand but rather just copied notes from the slides, it maybe best to recover that topic.

Make sure you actually know and remember that topic and have not just simply written the notes down. Do you know the key concepts? Can you give examples? Do you remember sources or references (if it applies)?  A counter argument?

8. Rewrite & compact

The best way to start connecting back to those notes from 6 lectures back, is to rewrite them. When rewriting your notes try to compact them down do so one topic fits per a page. This will make it easier if you need to revisit them later in the day, just before the exam and just so that the notes are just generally short and to the point. This way you won’t be wasting time accidentally writing a small essay off a few bullet points.

9. Add your flavour

The common trick and habit that people get into is to just copy and simplify notes from slides, textbooks and so on. As great as this can be sometimes it can still be hard to remember some of the tougher or bigger topics. So instead, try put your own spin on it.

A great way to remember larger or harder pieces of information is to connect a memory to it or make a funny memory/ joke of it. The fact that you can think about it easily as a joke, anecdote, song, phrase or connect it to another memory can aid you in recalling the information in an easier fashion.

10. Break time

Even though a break will be cutting out time from revising, your brain needs it. Get away from the screen, allow your brain to process everything you have already stuffed in there and just take a breather.

Taking small breaks after each topic or every few topics we will help you reduce stress and make sure you don’t overload yourself. Once you are hitting the halfway period of your revision game plan, give yourself a longer break to really wind down and grab some lunch. It’s important that you fuel your body as well.

11. Eat right

Make sure that you are eating and eating right! Don’t scruff down 6 burgers and 8 coffee’s, make sure you are giving your body the right nutrients to keep it active, while also healthy.

Eating healthy will give you a good feeling energy boost while also allowing your body to be prepared later on as well. Accumulating junk food and energy drinks may give you a real good boost now, but in 24 hours when your exam hits, you might be regretting it slightly and feel groggy.

12. Post break assessment

Once you get back from a break, give yourself a quick reminder of what you just covered and try test yourself. Put the notes to the side and see if you can recall the information. Does it still make sense? Or did it ever make sense? If you are still confused, check how you are currently against your game plan and see if there is flexibility now or later to recover some of the points in that topic.

13. End Review time

At the end of the day, possibly on the journey home, review your notes one last time. This will be the last check to see if you remember and can recall all that essential information. This does not need to be a full on revision session but rather a small, more relaxed variation to what you have been doing for the rest of the day. It’s the cool down period after a good session at the gym. Take it slow and relaxed and just cover an overview of all the topics you have covered today.

14. Get in the zone

While we want you to relax after a long day or working out your brain, don’t just knock out as soon as you leave your workstation. Everything you do from leaving to go home to actually to getting in bed should be considered as winding down time.

You’re not just going to completely relax to the point where you are going to forget what you just spent a whole day covering, but rather, relaxing your tense and stressed mind. Being able to relax and then get into the let’s do this mood will help and motivate yourself after a long day of preparing for battle.

Whether you covered everything or even closer to half the stuff you wanted, having a negative mindset at this point will only hurt yourself more. You want to get the Rocky Balboa theme tune out and get in the zone. Run up some steps on your way home while listening to the classic tune if it will help.

If you have not watched Rocky, note to self, after exams, the first thing you’re going to do!

15. Bed time

Woo, it’s bed time!

We do 100% recommend that you get a good 7/ 8 hour night’s rest to be fully prepared for your slowly approaching exam. However, if you still need some time to get in the one or two last topics, set yourself a time limit. The one thing you don’t want to do, is pull an all nighter. Your body and brain needs the rest to prepare for the exam. So don’t take sleeping well and properly for granted.

16. The pre-exam sesh

It’s the day of the exam and nearly game time! Wake up well, have a good shower, eat a healthy breakfast and get in early to get in that last little ounce of revision time.

You want to use this time to keep a cool and clear head, while covering your compact notes from the day before.

While trying to keep a level head, it maybe best to stay clear of others slightly. Keep away from negativity and distractions, you want to keep your head in the game. The other big no no is to talk to others about what you have and haven’t revised. Realising that your friends did twice the work or that you are not as ready as they are well definitely reduce your confidence and cloud your judgement. Keep any pre-exam talk light and encouraging.

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1. If you want to maximise what you do in these last 24 hours, make sure you plan early.

2. Make a realistic schedule and allow flexibility with timings, as you may need longer on some topics.

3. Keep giving yourself little memory tests. Can you remember the information you just wrote out?

4. Don't underestimate the power of a small or long break! But at the same time, don't abuse them.

5. Make sure you get a good night's rest!

6. If you know one of your friends is stressed, maybe stay clear of them. You want to be in the best mindset you can be!

With this all being said, the main to learn and know is that, YOU GOT THIS! Take a deep breath and make sure you’re in the zone. You’ve done the hard part of learning it all and now it’s just about putting pen to paper. Good luck!

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