Homemade Pericos


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Pericos is a traditional Colombian breakfast, often served with hot chocolate. It’s different than your typical breakfast! Give it a try!


Tomato 1 

Tesco – £1.92 per kg

Sainsbury’s – £2.20 per kg

Spring Onion

Tesco – £0.49 per batch

Sainsbury’s – £0.55 per batch

Eggs (5/6)

Tesco – £0.89 for 6

Sainsbury’s – £1.35 for 6

Olive Oil (1 tbsp) 


2 people


20 minutes


Wooden Spoon And a Pan

Nutritional Value:

Vitamin A , Vitamin C , Calcium , Iron

346 Calories per Serving

Total Cost:

Tesco – £

Sainsbury’s – £


  1. Alright you lovely people, first things first. Wash your hands!
  2. Get your Iphone! Find a salsa playlist!
  3. Get your speakers and play that salsa!! Now we can cook!
  4. Preheat the pan with 1tbsp of olive oil with a steady heat.
  5. Next we wash and half the spring onion to make it easier to dice the spring onion
  6. Throw the diced spring onion into the pan. Cook till golden, you should be able to smell the richness of the spring onion at this point.
  7. Dice the tomato while the spring onion cooks, keep an eye on the spring onion (make sure it doesn’t burn) simply lower the heat on the pan when needed.
  8. Once the spring onion turns gold, throw in the tomato, cook till the tomato softens.
  9. Once the tomato has softened, crack open all your eggs straight into the pan and scramble the egg in the pan. This is the perfect time to add some seasoning (salt and pepper).
  10. Grab that wooden spoon and make sure the scrambled egg doesn’t stick to the face of the pan.
  11.  Once you’re eggs are cooked to your satisfaction, serve and enjoy.
  12. You are now about to taste Colombian Beauty. Your welcome.

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Homemade Pericos

Pericos is a traditional Colombian breakfast, often served with hot chocolate. It’s different than...
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