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It’s time for a holiday and you need to grab the best deal that you can so you still have some money when you get home. We all try to budget while on holiday and try not to over spend, but then you see that really cool souvenir that you really need to take home with you!

There are many ways to cut the costs on the cost of your holiday, so make sure you get the best deal and check out our list of tips below. Don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram pics!

The Savers

1. How to get cheap flights

There are many ways to get the cost of your flights down, giving you some extra spending money. Shop around for the best deal on Skyscanner and Cheapflights. Be flexible with your flight dates, as a flight may be cheaper the day before or after your preferred date. Skyscanner and Cheapflights can help with this as they tell you the difference in price a few days before or after your preferred date. Never rush into buying your tickets, as there might always be a better deal round the corner.

2. Fly off-season

Your ticket will more than likely be a lot more expensive during peak times because the demand is high and don’t the airlines just know it! If you’re still thinking about going at a peak time, then be prepared for busy airports, busy restaurants, hotels and bars while abroad. If you can’t avoid going away during peak times of the year, consider going somewhere slightly more remote. Hopefully, the resort will be less busy and you will get a clear Instagram picture of that crystal blue ocean.

3. Buy early

If you can plan ahead you may be able to get a cheaper deal on your holiday. Airlines tend to launch sales mid-week (Tuesday-Thursday), so make sure you check their websites for deals. For sale purchases, there may be a small condition such as a 21day advance purchase, so make sure you get in early. Skyscanner advises that the best time to buy short haul tickets are 7 weeks in advance, and allow 18 weeks for long haul flights.

4. Buy last minute

Yes, we just did a 180 on what we just said, but remember that prices are based on demand. The higher the demand is for that flight, the higher the price. This means that flights leaving in a few days with a few empty seats may be at lower price. Airlines won’t reduce these seats until a few days before departure, so if you can book last minute, it may be worth waiting for the reduced seats!

5. Search one way fares

To get an even cheaper flight, you should try to check the price of one-way flight on multiple airlines. You might strike gold and find a great deal in the overall price of 2-one way fares instead of 1-return journey.

6. Hidden extras

Budget airlines make their money off in flight extras such as baggage allowance, insurance and priority seating. Make sure you allow for the cost of these extras if you need them. Some airlines may automatically add these extras onto the cost of your flight, so be careful to tick them off as you go if you don’t require them!

Make sure that you weigh your luggage at home with either a scale or handheld weighing device. The last thing you want is to have to leave some of your luggage at the airport to avoid having to pay for extra luggage allowances.

If you like to have an on board snack or drink, buy it in the airport terminal before your board your flight. The price of buying food and drink on the flight is sky high (no pun intended). You’ll also have a larger selection in the airport terminal!

7. Use a credit card

If your credit card has a point’s scheme, you’re already on way to saving for your next holiday.

Another positive to using a credit card is for protection. The Consumer Credit Act will automatically cover you if you book with a credit card and spend over £100. You may not have considered this before, but what happens if the airline goes bust? There are two things to check before you go spending on your credit card. Make sure your bank is signed up to the Consumer Credit Act, if they haven’t then there’s a chance you may not be protected. Secondly, if you purchased your ticket directly from an airline, then you should be fine. However, if you buy from a third party you need to make sure they’re Atol protected (Air Travel Organiser’s Licensing), so you will be able to get home if your airline goes bust whilst you’re away.

8. Travel insurance

Don’t skimp out on travel insurance, its important! If something happens or you fall ill, you need to make sure that your medical bill will be covered. Most airlines will offer travel insurance at an extra cost, but doesn’t necessarily mean you should go with them. Shop around for the best deal. Make sure you read and understand what the insurance will cover you for. Regardless of whether you buy travel insurance or not, make sure you at least have a European Health Insurance card. It is free and will give you basic health cover while in the EU. Just apply online if you don’t already own one.

9. Package deals

If you plan on making any specific day out trips while you’re away, try to buy the deals before you leave. They will most likely be cheaper if you book them in advance and you can avoid getting ripped off while you’re at your destination.

10. Trade in expensive hotel suites

As nice as it is to have a luxury room with a view and access to a private pool, it won’t be so nice on your bank account. Ask yourself, how much time will I be spending in that room? It’s more than likely just a spot to rest your head for the night.

Try to find an Airbnb or hostel. They might not be luxurious, but do you really care? There will be so many other places to see and explore. You may also meet some pretty cool people at the hostel too!

11. Data No. Wi-Fi Yes.

Make sure you turn off your roaming data. You don’t want to come home to find your network provider has slapped you with a £60 bill. Check with your provider to see how much it will cost to use your data, minutes or texts abroad.

If you need to take a Snapchat or call home, make sure you are either in an area with your best friend, aka, Wi-Fi. Or you can always save your Snapchat and upload it later because its not really a holiday if you can’t make your friends jealous, right?

  1. Travel money

There is a high chance that exchange rates for the local currency are at a higher rate when you buy at your destination. Make sure you buy your currency at home so you’re ready to spend away when you arrive.

If your credit card allows you to spend abroad for free, make sure you let them know early that you are going away so that they don’t block your card while abroad. Do check the rules of your bank for spending abroad.

  1. The Pound Shop

All your essentials can be found at pound shops. You don’t need to take your £40 shampoo with you. Let your hair have a break in that fresh ocean! Pound stores are great, but it’s very easy to get carried away. Take a list of your essentials and stick to it! If you’re looking at buying sunscreen at pound stores, make sure it has the right amount of protection you need and has a UVA sticker.


Bon Voyage! 

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1. Have a credit card. Even if you rather not use it or won't, its good to have in the worst case scenario.

2. Tell your banks that you are going abroad, as they might block your card as they see random trends of money being used in another country, and think this is fraud.

3. Always look around for deals and never buy the first deal you see as most likely there are cheaper ones round the corner.

4. If you are planning on going on visiting the sites and attractions make sure you get those package deals early as they will most likely be cheaper on an online deal than buying it at the venues individually.

What ways do you save by when going on holiday? Let us know in the comments below.

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