Competition Policy

Here you will find details on the terms and conditions of all competitions that Student PANDA run. We may update the policy as new competitions come out, so please check back periodically.

Competitions held by Student PANDA are done in conjunction with the terms and conditions listed here. Some prizes may be sponsored by promoted or our partnering companies and organisations.

  1. All prizes and details will be advertised on our social media pages but will mainly be held on our competition’s page listing.
  2. To enter in our competitions you must be over 18 years of age and be a student. You must be able to show student ID or some form of identification to prove you are student.
  3. We classify a student as:
    • Must be over 18 years of age, and studying at a high school, college, foundation course or similar level of education.
    • A current university student. Any level of university is acceptable e.g. Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters Course.
    • If you are on a placement year and returning to university after the completion of your related placement year.
    • If you are under 1 year out of university from the date of the related competition. (Please note that you will need to show proof that you are graduated no longer than 1 year out of university.)
  4. If you are not able to prove that you are a student, by form of relevant ID, we have the right to retain the prize(s) advertised.
  5. Every competition that we run will have certain entry requirements that will be listed mainly on our competitions page. If you do not meet the requirements of all listed tasks, you will not qualify for the prize(s).
  6. There is only one entry per person.
  7. There is no entry fee for competitions held by Student PANDA. This includes promoted or partnered competitions as well.
  8. From the valid contestants, a prize winner is chosen at random.
  9. The winner is chosen at the close date/ time that is listed on the individual competition posts.
  10. The winner(s) will be announced through our social media platforms and contacted through the appropriate social media platform.
  11. You must agree to be contacted through social media means and have your name or username used in our social media posts, upon winning a competition(s). If you would not like your name linked to your profile for privacy reasons, you are allowed to ask us to remove direct links to your profile page.
  12. If you are the winner of a competition we shall contact you through social media platforms that you entered in, unless otherwise stated, to verify your student identification. Once we have contacted you, there is a 24 hour window for you to prove your student identity. After this 24hour period we have a right to retain or re-advertise the prize(s). (24 hour window only applies to Student PANDA competitions and not promoted or partnered competitions.)
  13. There are no cash alternatives for prizes and they are non-transferable.
  14. Competitions that require you to send images or student work to us, (as shown on our The Students page) must be original work. Your entry will be cancelled if you are not the original owner of the work sent.
  15. We reserve the right to amend entry requirements without prior notice.
  16. If we deem necessary, we reserve the right to withdraw a competition at any time.
  17. If we deem necessary, we reserve the right to end competitions before there stated closing dates.
  18. For promoted or partnered competitions, if we are unable to contact you or do not receive proof of student identification within 4 days of being initially messaged, we reserve the right to retain or re-advertise the prize(s).
  19. Winners of Student PANDA, promoted or partnered competitions agree to participate in publicity terms that are requested of, within reason.
  20. Student PANDA, promoted or partnered organisations and their employees are not held accountable or liable for any actions, expenses and damages that arise from indirect or direct claims of entry.
  21. Entering in any competition advertised by Student PANDA you agree to all Terms and Conditions stated. If you fail to abide to any terms stated here or on individual competition posts your entry maybe voided and you will be disqualified.


Check out our competition page listing here.

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