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We are a team of current and graduated students, based in London and founded in 2017 by Rishi Shah. We are Student PANDA.

The Student PANDA was made on the basis that there is more to student life than intense university lectures, exams and finances. There’s a lot to grasp when first venturing away from home and beginning life as a student, but prepare yourselves for some of the best years of your life!

The PANDA team have a passion for sharing their fun and affordable ideas, along with their tough student experiences in the hope that we can keep you ahead of the game. We come from a range of different backgrounds and each of our stories are different from each other’s.

We want to share our experiences, as current students and graduates, on how we dealt with everyday life to come out on top. From the day you decide you want to go to university, to the day you’re comfortable with your graduate job, we hope to keep you informed, entertained and aware of your own potential.

We are 4 The Students, By The Students.

our goals

Our main goals are:

  1. Making students aware of their finances.
  2. To help keep students out of debt.
  3. Boost student’s income.
  4. To find affordable services & businesses that help students.
  5. Guiding students in trouble to the correct sources of information.
  6. And of course…TO KEEP YOU AHEAD OF THE GAME!
  7. A side goal for the PANDA team is to help, or make even a small impact, on the homeless situation, especially within London. We hope that our small attempts might encourage others to help their own charitable values.
how it began

Student PANDA came about after Rishi, PANDA founder, realised the position some students are in during university and after graduation. The Student PANDA team want to give you useful advice on finance, housing and social aspects of university life, to help guide and make you more aware of possibilities out there. We also want to help you with any issues that may arise through our past experiences through university. We’ll provide you with ideas on how to save some extra pennies through university, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Every student has a different experience through university, so we want to get all of us together to share our student wisdom! We believe through sharing our ideas, not only would we be more prepared, we would know every pre-drinking game out there, great places to explore and ways to make sure we have a secure roof over our heads.

There are hundreds of great sites out there to help you guys get through university, but we aim to get personal by listening to your experiences. The information we receive from talking to applicants, current and graduated students helped us understand more about what we wished we’d known sooner. Contact us to share your experiences with us and other students. Student PANDA is 4 The Students, By the Students.

what’s next

Our next step is to make partnerships with many helpful services that are affordable for students. Alongside our partners, we will continually provide you with updated lifestyle blogs, reviews of good nights out near you and tonnes of other information to get your through university.

Finally, we aim to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Homelessness is a major issue all across the UK, with the rate of people sleeping rough rising every year. We wish to raise awareness of the growing issue by helping to tackle the issue ourselves. We’ll also show you it only takes pennies to make a difference and help out too!

the panda team

Student Panda founder

Rishi Shah, raised in Harrow, London. Full Time Prankster.

After 3 years of university, 3 successful businesses, and a small stake in the investment world, I have a key passion for pushing ahead. There are so many possibilities out there, while only a handful of them are explored. While I want to share the tips and tricks that pushed me ahead, I want others to share their current experiences to help other students.

I really do believe that by sharing our experiences and knowledge that other students will realise new opportunities and discover their own potential earlier! I think that especially the stages leading up to university are quite difficult for many, and if they had more information, and knew what to expect earlier, they would be a lot more comfortable after graduation.

School doesn’t really prepare you for the bigger world, university only teaches you about certain topics, and student life really can test your boundaries. There are so many more things out there to learn and I want to help you experience them.

Outside the PANDA-verse my personal interests are hiking, camping, drawing, annoying and reminding my friends of how amazing I am, basketball, video games and generally learning new skills.

Student panda editor

Gemma Hale from Cheshire.

I graduated BA Architecture from the University of Westminster in 2016 and have since worked for an architectural firm. Along side architecture, I like to run and keep fit, explore new places and visit cocktail bars, maybe a few too many from time to time.

I loved university life, although I did come across a few hiccups along the way, I mean who doesn’t, right? But this is what brings me to Student PANDA. I aim to turn those bumps in the road into positive advice to help other students cruise through uni! I want to show you what I did to iron out the creases and give you a heads up of the important issues that you may not see coming.

My own interests include running, exploring and a good drink of course.

Lifestyle Bloger & Panda Social Face

Juan Bedoya from South London. Colombian goodness packed into a tight t-shirt.

Food, Video games and Movies! That’s all you need to know about me really. But if you want to know more….

After finishing university, I decided to embrace my hobbies and discovered a love for food! I aim to keep exploring more of my talents and I hope to show you how easy it is to cook while having a good time, so throw out those take-outs! You can cook some easy meals for dinner or that special someone you have being dying to impress. Plus, mummy won’t be around to make you food all the time buddy!

I really want to show my passion for cooking through Student PANDA and give people affordable and tasty options that I have learnt and concocted through my experiences.

My personal interests outside Student PANDA are gaming, movies, jazz music, being all around sexy, salsa, being a sarcastic ass and food, of course!

Actress – Panda Social Face

Natasha Carter from London. Half Thai, half English….who doesn’t like a mix raced person.

Since I was very young, I have been in love with performing arts! I find that I can let my imagination go wild and make it become a reality through acting! I studied drama from an early age, right through to university. I Graduated BA Hons Media Performance at the University of Bedfordshire in 2015. Since graduating from University, I’ve been involved in music videos for WSTRN, The Vamps and a commercial for Spotify with Kygo! I also took part in a BBC 3 online video, “Things not to say to people who are mix race”, check it out if you want to have a good laugh.

With Student PANDA I want to give you guys good laugh and push out some great content for you guys to enjoy.

My personal interests outside acting are Thai dancing, travelling, photography and just generally being active.

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